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My doorbell camera displays my TVs…   read more

This component rack contains the brains of everything needed to install our 2024 system in your home.  


UNIFI Protect is an American company that manufactures high quality cameras..  

The UNIFI doorbell works perfect and does not share recordings.

camera storage is your home.  So no Cloud.  No Monthly bill.


your cameras recordings are only visible to you.  The information never leaves your home network.

Simple to add battery backup for power loss situatuions

Network connections CAT6 spread from this component rack to each of your TVs, SONOS speaker, WiFi access point, cameras.     

Lutron Lighting Control Radio RA3 processor communicates with the Lutron Smart Dimmers thruout your entire property.  These are simple to install in both new and old homes.


UNIFI and Apple are industry partners.  So its the best app for your phone hands down.  And you can see all of your cameras on a Smart TV using AppleTV.  This is the only brand I know doing this.  The products we are pitching here are top notch American electronics.

These are the 2024 solutions  


My solution is better than the competition.  They are still selling their old system because its profitable and their installers know how to install it.  Shop with us, we care. 


 What we are showing here is a clean Electronics Cabinet with a working UNIFI Home Network installation that provides perfect WiFi in a 6000sq ft home here in Charlotte NC.    Yes this would replace that mess of wires you have and fix the internet.

The items in the photo are…

Your Router  not a rental

Battery Backup  (black box)

Your Modem  not a rental

Nice wires     NO colorfull slack.

Sonos AMP powers speakers around the pool

Perfect WiFi around the pool

AppleTV is our 2024 streaming device of choise for a few reasons…

our system works with any internet provider 

Notice the wiring is all custom length with no slack!  

Wiring with labels

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A TV that looks like ART.  Samsung Frame TV installation.

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