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Modern Home Theater Systems that will impress anyone.

TV installation

Samsung FRAME TV/ AppleTV

Sound Systems

SONOS, in-ceiling, Wireless

Licensed Electrician

Lighting Control, Smart Dimmers

Networking Professionals

WiFi in old Dilworth houses

Client Testimonials

“The competition tried selling us an All-In-One remote that looked 20 years old.  Robert gave us an Apple remote that is amazing.  THANK YOU!”

Mike K.

“Robert arrived on time and was able to get our in-ceiling speakers working with our SONOS.”

Sandra Smith

“We left the key under the mat.  When I arrived home the TV was on the wall…   Great Job!!!”

John Levine

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Years Established

Completed Projects around Dilworth

Latest Projects

Home Theater installation that was performed locally in Dilworth/Meyers Parkin Charlotte NC,


The Samsung FRAMETV is probably the best solution on the market for a few reasons.  Ease of install, ultra-flat profile, QLED 4K HDR are the best features….

2023 Pool/Backyard of your dreams

This amazing backyard project in Southpark area features High-Quality Sonos surround sound, 85″ OLED TV, speakers around the pool, state of the art CCTV..   And of course, a single WiFi thruout the entire property.

How to get Great WiFi in Dilworth House in 2023

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Expertise is a all over our work…  a Licensed Electrician and will be on-site for your installation… Our competition sends out the helper to do the install.  LOL

Often the conversation starts with a phone call from a customer that has purchased a home and they are looking for help with the existing electronics.  Speakers in the ceiling, old amplifier, wiring AND WiFi that does not work…

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