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display what you love on The Frame, the picture frame-like TV.


Master Bedroom FRAME TV, new fireplace surround and some paint

Well you made it this far…

These are real installations around Charlotte NC.  Performed by Sound Advice.

The Samsung FRAME TV is perfectly centered AND its size matches the opening of the fireplace.  Aesthetic Perfection?  Designer Approved!  The FRAME TV is the flattest solution on the market.  It has all the modern features you want in a TV.

The fireplace surround is Black Marble and replaced the dated brick. Easily add a matching hearth.

Sonos speakers seamlessly recess into the ceiling speakers and sound amazing.  Sonos speakers turn On/Off with the TV.  So its easy to use!

Paint scheme is trick in this place.  So everything is painted the same color Green with different finish on the trim and walls. The paint job has very tight lines and really take this basic bedroom over the top..


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Our North Carolina Licensed Master Electrician, Robert, has been designing and programming Electronic control systems since the early 2000’s.